NewTek 3Play 4800CS Control Surface


NewTek 3Play 4800CS Control Surface

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NewTek 3Play 4800CS Control Surface

The 3Play 4800CS Control Surface from NewTek is a control surface for the 3Play 4800.

3Play 4800 is the most complete sports production solution available, integrating multi-camera capture, instant replay, in-show highlights, and dramatic slow motion into one turnkey system. Engage in-house fans, online viewers, social media followers, and broadcast audiences with greater ease and simplicity—with incredible savings on equipment investments.

Add dramatic production value with:

  • 8-camera capture and 2-channel delivery for producing large events
  • A built-in overlay and effects engine to pump up the visuals in real time
  • Up to 60% cost reduction vs. traditional replay systems, supplementary production equipment, operator costs, space, and resources
  • The most flexible and customizable set-up, operation, and programming potential available


Set timecode markers to quickly navigate to key moments during recorded events, independent of marked In and Out points.*Not available on 3Play 425


Locate relevant clips and events quickly and easily, filtering content using keywords and metadata.

List Organization

Organize content to preference with multiple Clips List and Play List pages, arranging assets by team, player, play type, time period, and more.

MAM Platform Integration*

Integrate with compatible Media Asset Management (MAM) platforms for shared use and management of stored media assets.*Not available on 3Play 425


Enter text notes and descriptions for assets to easily identify, organize, and manage content.


Save time and effort tagging replay events, entering detailed metadata with fewer keystrokes by using custom numeric codes for keywords and phrases.*Not available on 3Play 425

Automatic Replay Recording

Activate recording automatically when you set your first Mark In or Mark Out point.

Multi-Channel Recording

Capture every angle of live action for instant replay, playback, or archive, recording multiple, native-resolution video channels simultaneously.

Redundant Capture Mode*

Protect critical footage and accelerate post-production workflows with a redundant capture mode that optionally creates duplicate recordings of up to four video channels using auxiliary storage.*Exclusive to 3Play 4800

Synchronized, Continuous Capture

Record footage from all active video channels continuously, simultaneously, and in perfect sync, until you manually deactivate recording.