NEW EVS X-One Unified Live Production System

Call for Price

X-One® brings together all the toolsets of a live production into a single solution. 


X-One® brings EVS’ market-proven technology into a compact and easy-to-deploy system that delivers a full live production at significantly lower costs. Ideal for smaller-scale productions, X-One allows a single operator to do live switching, create replays and highlights, control audio, create and insert graphics and play back content – all from a set of intuitive interfaces. The system also supports external or internal audio control for an all-in-one system that guarantees broadcast-quality output.  


X-One puts all the capabilities of a control room into the hands of a single operator – all controlled from the solution’s dual touchscreen. Besides generating significant cost savings for your productions, it also makes it economically viable to cover your smaller-scale events.


The system uses EVS’ fast and efficient production technology, including its unique frame accurate control and loop recording technology to bring broadcast quality and the reliability that are essential in demanding live environments.


X-One keeps things simple thanks to its ultra-intuitive and easy to use interfaces. The system lightens the workload for operators who can use templates for transitions and graphics, recall audio presets, and automatically assign replay and clips to a highlight.


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