New EVS LiveCeption Pure Bundle- Entry-level Live Production and Replays

Call for Price

LiveCeption Pure is a BUNDLE including the following products :
XT-GO, XFile3, LSM-GO, LSM-VIA, XtraMotion


A perfect fit for productions using up to 10 cameras, EVS’ LiveCeption Pure solution offers cost-effective yet high-quality replays and highlights to enhance the viewing experience for fans.  Designed with EVS’ reliability and responsiveness at its core, the solution will give you the professional results you desire, while maintaining your production costs under control. It provides the required level of flexibility and scalability for an efficient use in multiple setups, also giving you the opportunity to grow your business by addressing a much wider range of productions, in multiple resolutions including HD, UHD, or even UHD-HDR. 


By providing a comprehensive feature set and relying on intra-frame codecs, LiveCeption Pure guarantees broadcast-quality content and easy integration with post-production systems – all at a compelling price.


With flexible I/O configurations and hybrid SDI/IP connectivity, the LiveCeption Pure solution can be tailored to meet any production need, at any time. Start small and scale up easily thanks to flexible software licences that allow you to increase the number of channels or change the resolution according to your evolving production needs.


Create high-quality replays and highlights in the heat of the action and easily archive transform and restore selected content during the live show. No need for extra training, users can hit the ground running thanks to the solution’s intuitive interfaces and a controller that operators are familiar with.


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