NEW EVS DYVI Software-Defined Production Switcher

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Taking you far beyond the limits of conventional hardware switcher design. 

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Dyvi® is a GPU-based software-defined production switcher that empowers production teams to unleash their creativity. It provides technical directors and operators with an incredible range of creative features, as well as 2D, 3D and chroma key effects, through simple, intuitive, and fully customizable hardware panels. At the same time, Dyvi®’s software-defined nature empowers true scalability and the ability to evolve over time through simple upgrades, making it the perfect match for agile production environments. 


Build layers, effects, and transitions as needed. Break free from the constraints linked with proprietary fixed hardware to explore a new world of creativity where complex designs are created with almost unlimited layers and effects for the highest value production content.


The Dyvi®’s unique GPU-based technology and stackable PMY processing modules provide outstanding flexibility and boosted processing power to serve all production requirements. Dyvi®’s vast creative toolset includes two fully programmable Multiviewers on each processing module.


Customize SW and HW panel layouts to production needs and operator competencies with buttons that can be assigned to a single function, or a combination of commands, from a user-friendly interface. These configurations can then be recalled in an instant with a single press of a button, allowing for more streamlined operations and quick content.

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