Matthews D-7 Tripod Dolly- USED


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Matthews D-7 Tripod Dolly

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Matthews D-7 Tripod Dolly

The time proven, favorite, heavy duty tripod for location videography with heavy camera and lens packages. Nearly every sports remote broadcast, including auto racing, baseball, football, and wrestling depend on the MT-1 for the firm, stable platform required for ‘whip’ pans and other rapid camera movements with no tripod, jitter , twist or swaying. Camera mobility can be achieved with the DL-7 Dolly of the MT-1 can be mounted to the Doorway Dolly for either track or surface running. The MT-1 now offers a new and improved braking system furthering its handling and stabilizing capabilities. With the addition of a Mitchell to Elemack Adapter, the MT-1 provides a stable pivot point for the Matthews Jungle Jib Arm. The MT-1 has proven itself over the years in camera, microwave dish and other electronic device support with a load capacity c 265 lbs. and an operating range of 25′ to 44′.

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