Martin & Ziegler Straight Control Room Console Broadcast Studio Package – USED

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  • 8-Bay Martin & Zeigler Broadcast desk
    • Cutouts for Ross TD-2S Console
    • 10 Rack units per bay
  • 6-Bay Martin & Zeigler Broadcast desk
    • Cutout for Sony RCP
    • 10 rack units per bay
  • LCD Monitor-Wall Stand
    • Includes monitor mounting detail
    • Adjustable extruded aluminum frame
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A modular control room console system consisting  of 1 bay  (20 5/8” wide) modules with 6ru (10 ½”) above the work surface and 8ru (14”) under the work surface. Control room furniture needs good ventilation and access. The top has lift off ventilated access panels with cable pass through.  Back edge of console has a rail used to mount monitor arms, speaker stands, custom monitor walls etc. Good cable management is a must for technical furniture.  A space between console and work surface back edge allows cables from deck to enter the console at any point.  Deck bay modules extend the deck to the back of the console and have 8ru (14″) below work surface .  Regular and deck only sections and 45 degree corner units allow enormous flexibility in the design of your console solution.

This package consists of one 8 bay  modular control room console with cut-out for TD-2S console, one 6 bay  modular control room console with cutout for Sony RCP, and one LCD Monitor-Wall Stand.