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Innovative TV Equipment- D8 Tripod Dolly

The ITE-D8 Dolly is a heavy-duty system
designed for support of camera loads of
up to 250 pounds. It is a perfect
companion to the ITE Model MT1, T10
and new T14 family of tripods.
This Dolly is of rugged design and
includes 8x1 %-inch durathane-tired
wheels which may be indexed at 450
increments and positively locked at any
The wheel system incorporates a 45-inch
pivot diameter with two-inch, heavy-duty
legs which may be locked into 1200 position
with respect to each other or folded
into a compact package for storing.
ITE Tripods are easily attached to the 08
Dolly by use of a spherical ball socket
and over-center retainer lock screw/knob.
Cable guards are available at no additional
cost, if required.
ITE is a leader in the design and
manufacture of camera heads, dollies,
pedestals and accessories for broadcast,
industrial, educational and closed circuit
television applications. Our products are
in use by stations throughout the world.
The ITE product line has been designed
with your camera in mind. ITE products
provide professional camera support and
control for virtually every video camera
package manufactured. The ITE line is
marketed worldwide by all camera manufacturers
and by leading dealers and