Hitachi Z-HD5000 Camera Chain- USED

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Hitachi Z-HD5000 Camera Chain Includes:

  • HF-1000 SMPTE Fiber Camera Adapter
  • Hitachi CCU-HD1000  – Half Rack Camera Control Unit switchable from 1080i to 720p
  • Hitachi RU-1000VR – Remote Control panel with remote cable
  • Plura – pbm-207 Studio Color Viewfinder

5 Chains Available


Hitachi Z-HD5000 Camera Chain

The Z-HD5000 is Hitachi’s most economical, high-performance Studio and Field HDTV production camera. This is a proven, full featured production camera that uses 3) high-resolution, low noise 2/3inch, IT-CCDs. Its lightweight, two-piece dockable camera body offers maximum re-configuration ability. A compact digital fiber transmission system or Hitachi’s patented digital Triax enables smaller production facilities to lower their overall system costs.

The Z-HD5000 offers the ability of 1080i/50Hz HD-SDI and simultaniusly SD-SDI format video for studio and field HDTV and SDTV productions.

The RU-1000VR remote control unit is a new design of remote operation panels for the Hitachi Z-HD5000. Painstaking attention has been paid to making the most commonly used controls and functions directly and instantaneously accessible to the video control engineer. It is an ideal production tool that enhances any HD studio or field production.

The Z-HD5000 is a high-performance dockable design portable HDTV studio and EFP camera. With its 1 million pixels 3-CCD, the Z-HD5000 provides outstanding performance. The camera offers sharper and cleaner HD images due to its 14-bit A/D converters and Hitachi’s implementation of the latest digital processing technology. The camera achieves outstanding high sensitivity and a low vertical smear.

Features & Functions

  • High Dynamic Range capability with multiple HDR profiles
  • 800 TVL of resolution
  • F10 standard sensitivity
  • 58dB HDTV Signal to Noise ratio
  • 14-bit analog to digital conversion
  • High-performance Hitachi DSPs.
  • High quality SDTV output down-converted at the CCU.
  • Flawless signal transmission using Digital Optical Fiber cable
  • Optional Hitachi-patented Fully Digital Triax System.
  • The camera system can operate directly with SM fiber installations.
  • Optional CCU’s available with 1080i/720P HD-SDI switchable outputs.
  • CCU HD-SDI outputs with eMBedded audio (2-channel)
  • Standard, remote RU-1000 rotary knob for iris/master black control.
  • Choice of 6 different optional remote operation panels.
  • Compatible with Canon and Fujinon Auto-Focus lenses.
  • SD memory card system for offline storage & transfer of all setup data.
  • 4 input VF return signal switching system.
  • 2 intercom channels compatible with Clear-com and RTS, 4w/2w
  • 2 independent program returns (IFB’s) w/ intercom mix.
  • Optional Master Setup Unit SU-1000.
  • Optional half-rack CU-HD1000 or Full rack CU-3300-S7/S8