Hitachi SK-UH4000 Ultra High Definition Camera Chain- USED

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Hitachi SK-UH4000 Ultra High Definition Camera Chain Includes:

  • SK-UHD4000 = Camera Head
  • CA-UHF400 = SMPTE Fibre adapter
  • VF-L90HD = 9 inch colour studio viewfinder
  • VF-402 = Small 2 inch monocular viewfinder
  • CU-UHD400 = Camera control unit
  • RU-1500JY-S2 = Remote control panel
  • TA-Z3 = Tripod plate
  • HO-1900S-R1 = Outdoor hood protection


The SK-UHD4000 is the world’s first UHD camera to employ industry-standard B4 bayonet lenses. Broadcasters, rental houses and mobile sports trucks have huge investments in existing B4-mount HD television lenses. A 4-port prism design with 4) 2/3 inch sensors, delivers the deep depth of field, high sensitivity and low noise needed for demanding studio and live production.

Maximizing workflow options, the CU-UHD4000 incorporates 12G SDI output with HDR and Wide Color Gamut. Simultaneous HDR and SDR outputs have individual adjustments. The CCU can also output UHD HDR and simultaneous SD SDR.

  • Employs B4 [BTA S-1005A] 2/3-inch industry standard lenses.
  • B4 lenses have a standardized image size, flange-back distance and electrical interface.
  • Compatible with existing and future HDTV broadcast, bayonet mount lenses from all manufacturers.
  • Allows 4K productions using HD B4 mount optics without any sort of attenuating adapter.
  • Unique Hitachi 4 port prism best preserves the lens MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) that provides the maximum contrast in 4K images.
  • The camera’s optical block employs ‘dual-green’ and ‘pixel offset’ technologies to dramatically increase resolution in the Y (luminance) channel.
  • See details of Hitachi’s unique 4 port imager system.
  • Hitachi’s advanced digital signal processing (DSP) creates ultra-high resolution images.
  • Provides independent cut-out of HD SDI image from 4K raster that can be re-framed in real-time.
  • Functions as a normal HD (1920×1080/60p) camera while recording 4K in real time.
  • Employs the NEW HITACHI RLAC (Mutli-dimensional Real-time Lens Aberration Correction) system that eliminates most lenses’ lateral chromatic aberrations.
  • Employs the latest generation of CMOS sensors.
  • High Signal to Noise Ratio of 62dB (HDTV).
  • High sensitivity of F8.0 is achieved in full UHD [3840 × 2160/59.94p] progressively scanned image.
  • Super-sampled 1920×1080 HD-SDI outputs (down-converted from 4K) offers superb picture quality.
  • Retains a faithful 4:2:2 color space at 10-bits/sample.
  • Camera head power consumption: <38W.
  • Employs existing SMPTE-304/311 Hybrid fiber cable and connectivity.
  • Two HD (2K) progressive outputs directly from the camera head.
  • Production/Engineering intercom and Returns’ embedded audio can be mixed L/R in headset
  • AC Power + Digital and analog teleprompter outputs at the camera head