Harris X75



Features in X75

  • Up, down, cross and aspect ratio conversion with synchronization
  • Advanced audio processing – for discrete analog, discrete digital AES, digital AES (compressed), and embedded audio uncompressed and compressed, which may require increased video delay for
    proper lip sync
  • Multichannel audio for surround sound and multiple-language applications
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for monitoring and setup of devices on an IP network
  • The ability to take legacy analog signals into the digital domain using the highest quality conversions — especially before upconverting and compressing video signals
  • Interfaces for high definition, including optical fiber and DVI-D
  • Intelligent input processing for alarming and auto-switchover — reducing downtime
  • Increased use of metadata
    • In today’s facilities, there are many forms of “data about the essence” (or metadata) that travel along with the video and audio signals
    • Requirements vary — a transparent metadata pass-through may be required, or  modification or replacement of the metadata
  • Video-to-audio timing test and measurement to maintain lip sync

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