Harris X75 Frame Sync


Harris X75 Frame Sync

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Harris X75 Frame Sync

Adding to the inherent flexibility of the X75 multiple path converter/synchronizer, Harris will unveil four new features during NAB: MPEG-4 monitoring streaming, video to audio (V2A) timing measurement, eight AES I/O with a 32-channel audio option and an integrated Dolby®E encoder option.

The MPEG-4 monitoring streaming option makes the monitoring of remote signals easier by providing a Common Image Format (CIF) resolution, with AAC audio streaming to the Leitch CCS™ Navigator™ and CCS™ Pilot™ software, QuickTime 7.0 and NUCLEUS™ user customizable control panels.

Maintaining proper lip sync and the alignment of video and audio signals is a significant challenge, especially in SD/HD applications. To address this issue, the new V2A option supplies a point-to-point, out-of-service test for links, which provides a measurement with millisecond accuracy and corrects video-to-audio alignment. The V2A test signal is very robust and survives all processing for long-distance links, including analog and digital conversion, MPEG and Dolby® E/AC-3 coding and decoding, up/down/cross conversion and audio embedding and de-embedding.

The audio capability of the X75 multiple path converter/synchronizer has been increased to eight AES inputs and outputs with 32 channels of internal audio processing — currently unmatched in the industry. All 16 channels from HD and from SD and the discrete AES inputs can be selected into the 32-channel processing. The 32 processed channels can then be placed channel by channel in the HD and SD outputs and on the discrete AES outputs (48x32x48). Used with the M-PATH Multiple Path capability, the X75 converter/synchronizer can process 16 channels of audio for simultaneous up- and down-conversion in hybrid systems.

With manufacturers delivering more HD systems and more broadcasters adding HDTV to their operations, multichannel surround sound is becoming increasingly prevalent. The X75 multiple path converter/synchronizer now has the ability to process Dolby® compressed audio streams with gain, delay and channel swapping.


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