Fujinon HA22x7.8 BERD-S48L ENG Lens- USED



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With the performance needed for a true high-definition lens, the HA22x7.8 lens with its zoom ratio of 22x combines

the world’s highest magnification for handheld HD zoom lenses with an extended angle of view. The new, groundbreaking

optical and ergonomical design using Fujinons proprietary GO-Technology raises the limit when it comes to optical

performance. At the same time the size and weight of the lens have been reduced to a minimum. With an improved maximum

relative aperture of F1.8 and short minimum object distance of 0.8 m, this lens provides added visual power using

its extended field of view and high magnification.

The HA22x7.8 is designed with a multitude of applications in mind. Ideal as a sports, wildlife, news or drama lens,

the lens can be tailored by the camera operator to suit individual situations.

Features like Quickzoom, Autocruising zoom, one-shot preset for zoom and focus, ten different zoom modes and

selectable zoom speed are quickly adjusted to enhance production and reduce time and cost. All functions use

simple, clearly marked switches and dials. A serial digital remote-control interface for standard PC or custom

solutions provides a production-friendly lens enabling the camera operator to concentrate fully on his subject. All

Fujinon’s current analogue as well as the new digital accessories are fully compatible with DIGI POWER ENG lenses.

The HA22x7.8 meets the needs of the next generation of digital HD production.