Grass Valley LDX 86N Worldcam – Fiber Lemo HD/3G Studio Camera Chain with Accessories- NEW In Box


7 Camera Chains Available New In Box

$40,000 per chain

Camera Chains Include:

  • 1 LDX86N Worldcam
  • 1 XF Universe adapter Lemo hybrid fiber
  • 1 XCU Universe XF lemo hybrid fiber
  • 1 OCP400 control panel joystick
  • 1 AC adapter 15 volts/3.3AMPS (power supply for OCP400)
  • 1 LDK5031/10 tripod plate
  • 1 EC 744 (7.4 inches Oled studio View finder)

Stock Photos for Reference


Grass Valley LDX 86N Worldcam is a native HD/3G single-speed upgradable studio 2/3″ camera chain, coming with CCU, OCP400 and

Grass Valley LDX 86N Worldcam with the following accessories

  • Grass Valley LDX 86N WorldCam camera head
  • XF universe adapter Lemo Hybrid fiber
  • XCU Universe XF Lemo Hybrid Fiber Camera Base Station
  • Control panel OCP400 Joystick (C2IP camera control system control panel with joystick)
  • Tripod adapter plate LDK 5031/10
  • EyeCatcher 744/15 (7.4″ OLED HD color viewfinder)
  • AC adapter 15 V

LDX 86N can switch from HD to 4K UHD

LDX 86N WorldCam offers the production formats of the LDX 80 WorldCam and LDX 86 WorldCam (HD/PsF/3G). You can upgrade your camera to 4K UHD, to 3x/6x HD HiSpeed or XtremeSpeed and to all LDX 86N series formats by buying a licence for one day or plus.

Strong points of the LDX 86N Worldcam

  • 1x speed HD/3G 1080p50/59.94 studio camera chain
  • Compatible with B4 2/3″ HD and 4K UHD lenses
  • Supporting HDR with up to 15 F-stops
  • Extended color gamut supporting ITU-R BT.2020
  • Sensitivity at 2000 lux : F10.0 (1080i50, 720p50 & 1080p50)
  • Optional IP outputs provide a smooth and easy migration path from SDI baseband to an IP-based
  • Upgrading to native 4K and high-speed acquisition at any time for some days or perpetual with a license