Grass Valley LDX-86N Camera Chain with 4k License- USED

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Grass Valley LDX-86N Camera Chain with 4k License

  • LDX-86N WorldCam Camera Head with Fiber Back
  • XCU Universe XF Base Station
  • LDK-5307/00 Studio VF
  • OCP-400
  • Perpetual XDR eLicense
  • Perpetual 4K eLicense
  • 6 Available – $38,500 per chain


Why buy new Grass Valley when you can get a used Grass Valley camera in excellent condition for half the price? This Grass Valley LDX-86N camera chain is the perfect option for your live production needs. This camera chain includes GV 86N camera, XCU base station, studio VF, and OCP-400. It also includes some license like the perpetual XDR eLicense and perpetual 4K eLicense. Contact one of our sales reps today for more info about this camera chain.

The LDX 86N Series cameras takes the LDX 86 Series to a new level with native 4K UHD and native 3G/HD image capture. Simple GV-eLicenses combined with the ability to use standard B4 2/3-inch HD or 4K UHD lenses ensure that you always have the camera you need. So whether it’s HD or 3X super slow-motion today, 3G or 6X super slow-motion tomorrow, or 4K UHD down the road, you’ll be ready for whatever your productions demand.

XDR — Extended Dynamic Range — supporting HDR with up to 15 F-stops offers a new level of viewer experience. You also get extended color gamut supporting ITU-R BT.2020.

Optional IP outputs provide a smooth and easy migration path from SDI baseband to an IP-based infrastructure for future-proof production, including remote/at-home production.

  • The LDX 86N Series has the same spatial and temporal upgrade path as the LDX 86 Series, culminating in the LDX 86N Universe for switchable 1X/3X/6X native HD, 1X/3X/6X native 3G and 1X native 4K
  • The LDX 86N WorldCam lets you buy native HD/3G acquisition today, and upgrade to native 4K and high-speed acquisition when you need to, either for 1-day (sold in packs of 10), 7-days or with a perpetual license
  • The LDX 86N 4K and LDX 86N Universe are specifically designed for live broadcast 4K UHD in controlled lighting situations and/or wide angle camera positions, especially sports productions, where the use of traditional B4 mount HD/4K lenses instead of PL lenses enhances the producer’s and director’s ability to tell compelling and engaging stories, without any loss of sensitivity
  • Optional HDR operation in all single speed formats
  • The LDX 86N Series now delivers wide color gamut
  • LDX 86N 4K and LDX 86N Universe cameras are fully integrated with all the LDX 80 Series, LDX 82 Series and LDX 86 Series of cameras, so they share the same camera accessories and use the same camera control system, including full support with the C2IP for the best possible integration into external control systems
  • Unique cradle connectivity to support dockable XCU (eXchangeable control unit)
  • Built-in memory in XCU cradle stores settings
  • Standard HD outputs for monitoring or any full performance live usage
  • Extensive (analog/digital) audio connectivity
  • Embedded audio
  • Compact (2 RU), robust base station