Grass Valley LDK-8000 Camera Chain- USED


Grass Valley LDK-8000 Camera Chain Includes:

  • LDK-8000 Camera
  • LDK-4488 Xpander
  • LDK-4502 CCU
  • OCP-400 OCP
  • Grey Case


Are you in need of a camera chain? We have your back! Right now, we have several LDK-8000 camera chains available that include camera, CCU, and OCP. This chain also offers a Grass Valley Xpander too, all in a grey shipping case. You can get these camera chains with or without the Xpander. Contact us today for more information about all of the Grass Valley chains we have available.

The advanced digital processing of the camera is based on 14-bit A/D converters and more than 22-bit internal processing. All major camera functions are processed in the digital domain, including knee, gamma, contour, matrix and colour correction. The intelligent continuous automatics facility provides automatic control of black levels and black shading. Each sensor provides black reference signals that are used to monitor temperature changes. This means that continuous automatic correction is applied without
operator intervention. The digital contour processing uses full amplitude video RGB signals via an extended dynamic range contour circuit. Colorimetry is selected by means of a variable 6-point digital matrix or via preset matrices. Digital gamma circuits provide a wide range of standardised gamma curves and enable soft contrast in black scenes to be enhanced, together with hard contrast  and saturated colour in bright scenes. The matrix and gamma sequence is software programmable for precise colour matching.