Grass Valley LDK 4482 SuperXpander with 7″ Viewfinder (Thomson Label)

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USED Grass Valley LDK 4482 SuperXpander with 7″ Viewfinder (Thomson Label)

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Grass Valley™ products from Thomson offer production professionals the most comprehensive multi-format solutions for acquisition, production, storage, and playback—and a strong foundation for centralized, proactive status and activity monitoring.

These solutions include one of the broadest selections of standardand high-definition (SD and HD) digital video cameras. With one of the best known imaging design teams in the world and six technical Emmy® awards, Grass Valley camera products continue to break ground for innovation and creative ideas.

That operational and commercial efficiency led Grass Valley to pioneer the concept of a single camera meeting all professional requirements: small enough for field production, light enough for handheld work, and capable of the most demanding of studio and remote applications.

The Grass Valley SuperXpander is such a solution. Compatible with most LDK camera families*, it supports box-type lenses, teleprompters, and high-resolution viewfinders.

For sports and events coverage the use of large zoom lenses is a common requirement. The SuperXpander acts as a large lens adapter, rapidly converting a portable triax or fiber camera into a mobile production system. The modular transmission unit allows you to change from triax to fiber configurations, even in the field.

To make life even easier, your camera can remain mounted in the SuperXpander housing for transport, saving rigging time and precious space, and ensuring that the camera is aligned and ready to go immediately. Alternatively, you can mount or release the camera from the housing quickly so you can switch between pedestal, box lens, and handheld applications working with an EFP-style lens—even during a live program.

For fast-moving sports and entertainment television, camera operators demand a large, bright, high-resolution viewfinder. The SuperXpander system incorporates a new 7″ monochrome viewfinder providing unprecedented degrees of freedom. The unique design of the SuperXpander system puts even a large viewfinder close to the optical axis of the camera, making camera movements and positioning more intuitive for the operator to ensure that the shot is right every time.

Highly flexible, the SuperXpander system features a camera control panel at its rear, putting fine operational adjustments under the hand of the operator. Secure connectors for intercom, prompt feed, and other accessories are located on the base. The SuperXpander also provides secure mounting and balancing for the largest prompt head.

Key Features

• Rapid mounting and unmounting of camera and box lens
• Enables transport of camera in the SuperXpander system to minimize rigging time and save precious space
• Mounting and balancing available for all prompt heads
• Low-profile 7″ viewfinder mounted close to the optical axis
• Rock-solid configuration for all sizes of large lenses
• Handgrip mounts on the SuperXpander for maximum accuracy
• Field-replaceable modular transmission unit
• Adjustable tally brightness
• Optional DC output for teleprompter


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