Grass Valley LDK-4000 720p Camera, with CCU, OCP and 2″ Viewfinder – USED


Grass Valley LDK-4000 720p Camera with CCU, OCP and  2″ Viewfinder – USED


Camera:  LDK-4000 MKII  (LDK-5860/60)

Camera Base Station:  LDK-4502/0

OCP-400:  LDK-4640/10 and

2″ Viewfinder: LDK-5302/60

Also includes 4-Point and 6-Point Star Filters


The LDK-4000 is a high definition, single-standard digital camera head using three 2/3-inch HD-DPM+™ sensors. The camera head can be combined with the TriaxHD adapter for a flexible camera that is equally at home in the studio or out on location.

The camera head uses HD-DPM+™ CCD sensors which offer superior performance and ultimate flexibility. Native wide screen pictures in the high-definition formats 1080i or 720p are produced depending on the camera version you require. This unique native capability is realized with innovative 9.2 million pixel CCD sensors.

These sensors have a high dynamic range and high linear sensitivity across all camera lens apertures. They are based on Frame Transfer technology, which ensures that there is neither lag nor smear.

The advanced digital processing of the camera is based on 14-bit A/D converters and more than 22-bit internal processing. All major camera functions are processed in the digital domain, including knee, gamma, contour, matrix and color correction.

The intelligent continuous automatics facility provides automatic control of black levels and black shading. Each sensor provides black reference signals that are used to monitor temperature changes. This means that continuous automatic correction is applied without operator intervention.

The digital contour processing uses full amplitude video RGB signals via an extended dynamic range contour circuit. Colorimetry is selected by means of a variable 6-point digital matrix or via preset matrices. Digital gamma circuits provide a wide range of standardized gamma curves and enable soft contrast in black scenes to be enhanced, together with hard contrast and saturated color in bright scenes. The matrix and gamma sequence is software programmable for precise color matching.

The pivoting knee circuit adapts both the knee point and the compression ratio according to the highlight content of the picture to emulate the softly limiting S-shaped transfer characteristics of film. Digital True Color Knee circuitry maintains the correct hue for compressed highlights, reproducing colors faithfully, even overexposed skin tones.

Digital contrast circuitry provides a black stretch function for more detail in black areas and a black press function for improving the contrast impression by simulating the S-curve of film.

With HDTV, focusing is even more critical than before. The LDK-4000 has special patented focusing aids. A unique viewfinder zoom function enlarges the viewfinder image instantly with a simple press-button action, thus providing improved means for focusing. A patented crawler circuitry adds motion in the viewfinder to objects in sharp focus.

The LDK 4000 MKII camera head is available in two versions – 1080i or 720p. These versions support either 1080i or 720p HD formats in 50 Hz and 59.94 Hz. You decide when ordering which version you require. These standards cannot be changed later.

TriaxHD, which is a further development of the Emmy Award winning triax transmission system, makes the camera compatible with industry standard triax cables. This allows the reuse of existing, reliable and valuable cable inventories.

TriaxHD allows video transmission and remote control of cameras up to a distance of 3300 ft (1000 meters) and beyond, using industry standard 14mm triax cables. It is based on 30MHz full-bandwidth 4:2:2 transmission (Y/Cr/Cb components).

The double side band modulation technique used in combination with Y/Cr/Cb transmission ensures linearity, resolution and an optimal signal-to-noise ratio over the maximum cable length. Bandwidth efficient channel combining and equalization techniques minimize crosstalk and interference. Teleprompter and viewfinder signals maintain high performance with relatively long cable lengths.

The communication facilities provide for two-wire or four-wire high quality intercom signals.  Full camera control is provided via a C2IP Ethernet-based control network.

The TriaxHD adapter is equipped with a rotary triax connector which provides freedom of movement during portable use of the camera and protects the connector from being damaged in near-floor conditions.

The TriaxHD Base Station, as well as providing high definition outputs, optionally offers simultaneous high-end SDTV outputs. This facilitates a gradual and managed transition from SDTV to HDTV.