Grass Valley K2 Solo-USED


Grass Valley K2 Solo, HD/SDI

with Spare Hard Drive

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The K2 Solo server is smaller and lighter than a VTR and does not require routine maintenance or alignment. It interfaces to the production switcher using standard protocols on either RS-422 or Ethernet. This is particularly important where one single device is adopted across all facilities owned or hired by the customer. As production moves from SD to HD and from HD to 3D, file-based workflows are proving to be simpler, cheaper and are delivering consistent high-quality results.

The two bi-directional channels in the K2 Solo can be ganged together so that just one set of controls dictates the action of both channels. This is particularly useful for playing out key and fill signals for sports wipes. Additionally Grass Valley offers ChannelFlex — this powerful software option is available as part of the AppCenter Elite package and converts each one of the K2 Solo’s two bi-directional channels into two locked players, two locked recorders, or a super slow-motion channel. In this way, you can configure four record, or four playback, or two record and two playback, or super slow-motion processing and playback — all in one halfrack-width box only 2 RU high.