Sony MVS-8300A- USED


Sony MVS-8300A

Consists of the following:

  • MVS-8000A 8RU Main Processor Unit
  • MVE-8000A 2RU DME Processor Unit
  • MKS-8010A 1RU System Controller
  • CCP-8000 4 Row 32 Button Control Panel Includes 32 Button Aux Module
  • MKS-8011A Menu Panel
  • Primary Inputs 51
  • Assignable Outputs 36
  • 2 DME Channels
  • 3 M/E
  • Frame Memory
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Sony MVS-8300A

The MVS-8000A series production switcher offers content producers previously unseen levels of performance, flexibility and integration. This multi-format production switcher builds on the success of the MVS-8000 and DVS-9000 systems and gives operators unrivalled HD performance from such a compact processor chassis.

Large scale productions

With four full function keyers, as standard, in each M/E you should never run out of keying possibilities. This combined with the maximum of 80 I/P’s makes this system able to cope with the most demanding of applications. What’s more even when fully equipped with up to 8 channels of integrated DME, each with a video and key channel, you still have all 80 I/P’s available for cameras, VTR’s etc.

SD one minute HD the next – No Problem

The MVS-8000A is a true multi-format switcher and can operate in the majority of worldwide broadcast standards. To switch between the many different SD and HD formats is a simple menu selection and in under a minute you are operating in the new format.

Simultaneous SD and HD O/P for the Anycast World

Not only will the MVS-8000A provide multiformat O/P’s but add on a DVS-9000 processor and thanks to its common control system simultaneous SD and HD operation is also possible. This maximises your programme capabilities and allows you to provide multi-format content O/P for today’s anycast world.

Maximising system usage

With the availability of the system manager software (BZPS-8000) the MVS-8000A system flexibility is increased one stage further. This software package allows for remote control of all switcher functions, an interface for remote maintenance and an off-line setup facility. By integrating system manager with a number of studios allows an engineering manager to create a central file storage area and download the relevant files on a programme by programme basis. Thus a set-up for one studio is instantaneously available to all connected switcher systems. This greatly decreases the valuable studio time required to set up the switcher prior to the next programme.

Multi Programme Delivery

Each M/E bus is capable of working in multi-program mode where up to four configurable O/P’s are available per M/E. This coupled with automatic key substitution and switchable 4:3 / 16:9 operation per M/E bank gives you the capacity to provide many different programme streams from a single switcher system.

4 Keyers per M/E

Each M/E comes, as standard, with 4 full function keyers, each with its own auto-transition capability. Luminance, Linear, Clean, Pattern, Chroma and Colour Vector keying modes are supported as standard by each keyer. Drop shadows, Borders and the Fine key re-sizing functions are also provided as standard.

2 Channel DME

2 channels of Integrated DME can be fitted. Each channel is a full function DME including 2D linear and optional 3D non-linear effects with a key channel and lighting effects. The MVE-8000A is a 2RU processor and can be fitted with either 2 or 4 channels of high quality digital effects generators.

Frame Memory

The frame memory system of the MVS-8000 Series and Switchers provide eight simultaneous outputs that pull from a common frame pool. For short logo animations, the pictures can be played out at frame rate through any or all outputs. The frame memory accepts video or key data in any combination. The MVS-8000 Series Switcher can store 222 frames in SD configuration or 58 frames in HD configuration.   Additional storage is close at hand, thanks to a hard disk drive in the control panel. You’re also free to transfer video frames to and from the switcher via


Multiple control panels and switcher processors are connected via two independent ethernet networks. These together with the additional system manager application allow the switcher to expand onto an external LAN. This can be used for remote set-up and monitoring, facility management and import/export to the internal stills store.

Macro Functionality

Both the MVS-8000A and DVS-9000 support Macro functionality. This feature allows operators to record complex key sequences, edit them and re-play them from the control panel. After a Macro is successfully recorded they can be assigned to the majority of buttons on the control panel. When this button is subsequently activated the Macro will additionally function. These are extremely useful in live environments when time is critical and there is no tolerance for making operational mistakes.