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See the Story Clearly with the Fujinon ZA12x4.5BERM-M58 ENG Lens

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The Fujinon ZA12x4.5-BERM-M58 is a high quality 12x 2/3″ lens designed to be used on 2/3″ HD camcorders. Known for their high build quality and precision optics, Fujinon lenses have become the industry standard for professional video applications all over the world. The focal-length range is 4.5-54mm with a minimum object distance of 0.6 m; or about 2 feet. The In addition to unmatched image quality, the lens is also equipped with a wide array of extra features, including Inner Focus, DigiPower servo controls, and QuickZoom.

QuickZoom Technology
The lens has added capability when zooming, using the QuickZoom switch. At the touch of a button, the lens can move to full telephoto in less than a second. This provides a no-hassle way of verifying focus.
High Definition Ready
Many high definition cameras are hamstrung by insufficient optics. Electronic News Gathering (ENG) lenses are traditionally built to accommodate standard definition video cameras. This lens is designed specifically with high definition in mind. The optics increase fidelity, making sure HD footage is crystal clear.
One Shot Preset
Zoom and focus can be preset and memorized in advance at a selected position. One touch of the switch during shooting will instantly return to the memorized position for time saving production.
Zoom Select Mode
A zoom mode switch provides the option to change the zoom response from “normal” to more sensitive on the wide or telephoto side. With the 10-zoom mode, users can select the most suitable speed. These zooming mode settings are ideal when switching between productions such as drama and sports.
Zoom Limit
The zoom limit function can be used in the servo operational mode. By using this function, the zoom movement toward both the wide side and the telephoto side can be limited. An override switch quickly returns the lens to normal mode.