Fujinon XA55X9.5BESM 2/3″ EFP Box Lens – USED


Fujinon XA55X9.5BESM 2/3″ EFP Box Lens – USED

With Lens Support, Remote Zoom & Focus, and Shipping Case

Up to two available

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The Fujinon XA55X9.5BESM 2/3″ Bayonet EFP Box Lens is a high zoom ratio lens that lends itself to covering sporting events and other large-scale productions. Its 55x zoom range can extend from normal to super-telephoto focal lengths. The 2x Extender doubles your focal length to achieve tighter framing on your subject.

The box housing is specially designed to prevent fogging of the lens elements during changes in temperature or humidity allowing the lens to be used outdoors in inclement weather conditions. In addition to being weather sealed, this lens is secured against dust and other small particles that might harm the lens.

Since the lens incorporates Fujinon’s DigiPower Digital Servo technology, it can provide precise, repeatable digital control from studio paint boxes, PC’s, and traditional analog controls. Digipower also permits setting custom speeds for zoom and focus, zoom limiting, and other servo parameters. Diagnostics and advanced controls can also be accessed via an RS-232 port.

This lens includes a support bracket for mounting to ENG style cameras without the usual need for a “hard” mount.

Breakdown of Fujinon Lens Name
      • XA – 2/3″ Sensor Format
      • 99x – Zoom Ratio
      • 8.4 – Focal length at wide end
      • B – Bayonet mount
      • E – (2x) Extender
      • SM – Interchangeable Servo / Manual Module
Environmental Sealing
This box lens is sealed against dust and features anti-fogging technology for use in less than ideal weather conditions.
Integrated Optical Stabilizer
A special “optical shift system” moves elements inside the lens barrel to counteract vibration and stabilize the image and maintain sharpness.
Using a 32-bit RISC processor in the lens, a CPU in each servo, optical encoders, and high-speed serial communication devices, DigiPower technology provides 16-bit accuracy in zoom and focus control as well as a variety of other functions such as the following:

      • Quick Zoom – Lets you zoom to full telephoto in under a second in order to check focus
      • Zoom / Focus 3 Fine Mode Select – Provides three levels of sensitivity for the zoom and focus response
      • One Shot Preset – Preset zoom and focus for instant recall at any time
      • FIND System – Connects to PC software via RS-232 for a graphical user interface with lens control and advanced diagnostic functionality
      • Virtual Connector – Interface connector which sends positional data feedback to virtual control system