Fujinon HAs18x7.6BMD-DSE ENG Lens – USED



We have two of these lenses currently in inventory and both have been tested and QC’d. These lenses are in working condition with some signs of wear and tear. We have several other Fujinon and Canon ENG and Box Lenses available. Contact us today for more details on all of our current available lenses.

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The Fujinon HAs18x7.6BMD is an 18x motor-driven high-definition telephoto videoconferencing lens for 2/3″ CCD cameras. The focal length range is 7.6 to 137mm with a minimum object distance of about 2′.

Videoconferencing Remote Control
With the use of any of the Fujinon remote control units, the lens can fit a remotely controlled and monitored CCTV pan and tilt system. This lens is particularly suited for the highest-quality industrial cameras, featuring the widely used bayonet mount.
Improved Image Quality
The lens element design fitted for the internal focus mechanism greatly reduces aberrations and image distortions. These advances contribute to more balanced imaging from center-to-edge throughout the aperture range.