Fujinon HA66x9.5 BEPS G88 with Controls and ULM-2- USED

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  • Controls
    • ESM-D51B
    • ESM-D52B
    • ERD-5A-D01 Zoom Demand
    • EPD-31A-D02 Focus Demand
  • ULM-2 Sled Support
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Fujinon HA66x9.5 with Controls

Fujinon HDTV lenses is in pursuit of extremity of chromatic aberration, which is a phenomenon caused by the fact that the refractive index varies with colors of light. Fujinon HDTV lenses with the inner floating system adopted in the design and manufacture of fixed focal length, which minimizes variation of aberration due to distance and improves the balance between spherical aberration and peripheral image field curvature.

The focal range of the XA66x9.3BESM is 9.3 to 615mm with a minimum object distance of 2.7 m (8.9 ft). The lens also features a 2x extender for double magnification.

Full remote control via RS-232 is possible.

This configuration of the lens features the MS-21D manual focus/servo zoom control module.

Integrated 2x Extender

For instant close-up shots and extended telephoto capabilities, the lens has a switch that inserts an element that doubles the focal length at any point in the zoom range. Instead of using the zoom function, the extender gives immediate close-up images.

DIGI Power

Fujinon’s DIGI Power digital servo control system affords levels of accuracy and repeatability that were once unachievable. The digital circuitry enables custom control parameters to be memorized for individual camera operators.

QuickZoom Technology

Using the QuickZoom button, the lens has an added capability when zooming. Hold down the button, and the lens moves from full wide to full telephoto in less than a second. Release the button and the lens zooms out to the pre-selected shot automatically. This provides a no-hassle way of verifying focus.

One Shot Preset

For configurations with a servo zoom module, the lens can memorize zoom and focus for a selected position. One touch of the one-shot preset switch during shooting will return the lens to the memorized zoom/focus position automatically.

Advanced Back Focus

This system allows macro shooting as close as about 1 ft (0.3 m) from the object.

Automatic Compensation of Focus Breathing

During focusing, the angular field of view changes as a matter of course. This causes focus breathing, an effect similar to zooming. By synchronizing the zoom movement to the focus movement, the lens’s focus-breathing compensation mechanism enables the angular field of view to remain constant, thus reducing the change in image size while focusing.

Find System

Fujinon’s Find system performs self-diagnostic analysis of the lens electronics systems. Via an RS-232 connection, the lens provides this data to a PC with the proper software installed.

Zoom Mode Select

A zoom mode switch changes the zoom response from normal to more sensitive on the wide or telephoto side. Three selections ensure the proper zoom response.