Fujinon Ah20x8 BESM-D18R DIGI Studio Lens with Case – Dealer Demo.


DEALER DEMO – Fujinon Ah20x8 BESM-D18R DIGI Studio Lens with Case

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The Fujinon Ah20x8 ESM is an absolute allrounder: practical in the face of everyday applications, surprisingly quiet in operation and thanks to its short minimum object distance, ideal for close ups.

Fujinon’s SDTV studio and field lenses have been the mainstay in TV station and remote production applications for many years and continue to lead the industry in performance and features. From small studios to large stadiums, Fujinon has the lens to fill your needs.

The Fujinon AH20x8 BESM-D18R is a 2/3″ box style studio / sports lens. 1:1.5 maximum relative aperture. 8-160mm focal length range. Has 2x extender to acheive up to 16-320mm range. This is the newer Digipower version with features like quickzoom, two shot preset for zoom and focus, and f-number lmit. Automatically compensates for focus breathing, synchronising the zoom movement to the focus movement, keeping the image size constant when focusing. Connections for zoom control, focus control, and even iris via serial link. Ratio converter for 4:3 and 16:9 use. Short minimum object distance, ideal for close ups. High quality optics and a rock solid housing. Though designed for SD 2/3″ studio cameras, the high quality optics can be used on HD cameras as well to save a huge amount of money over ridiculously expensive HD glass (results and personal standards vary using on HD cameras).

Using digital circuitry the facilities in comfort, quality and operation have been increased. The new DIGI POWER EFP features like Quickzoom, two shot preset for zoom and focus and F-number limit provide previously unknown operational
comfort. The Ah20 x 8 automatically compensates the zooming effect of focus by synchronizing the zoom movement to the focus movement, keeping the image size constant whilst focusing. Furthermore the zoom and focus characteristics can be selected
according to the actual production situation.

Remote control of zoom, focus and iris is now possible via serial link providing accurate positioning for virtual studios and other applications requiring digital precision.

Although the Ah20 x 8 ESM is a cost effective solution for the day-to-day television production market, it nevertheless combines the very latest in optical, mechanical and electronics technology and is well prepared for the future.

In order to enhance the newest optical design technology, Fujinon has developed the digital servo control system DIGI POWER offering advanced performance of its zoom lenses. In addition to improved specification and performance the utilization of digital circuitry in our DIGI POWER
product line has made many new features available that were virtually impossible in the past. DIGI POWER lenses provide for vastly improved accuracy and repeatability over previous designs and enable custom control parameters to be memorized for individual camera operator’s preferences.
An optional 16 bit processor for zoom, focus and iris is available for applications requiring a high degree of accuracy.