For-A HVS-390 1 ME, 16 Input HD Switcher System – USED

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Now offering For-A HVS-390 1 ME, 16 Input HD Switcher System with HVS-390HS frame! This 1ME can be converted to a 2ME to meet all your needs. Contact our sales team to claim yours before it is gone!

  • For-A HVS-390
  • HVS-390HS frame
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All the switcher you will ever need!
Unparalleled versatility for today’s ever changing world

The HANABI HVS-390HS is available as a 1M/E or 2M/E switcher. 1M/E versions can be upgraded to 2M/E. The 2M/E is switchable to 2.5M/E, with the additional bus being controlled by either the (included) Web browser control, or an (optional) control panel.

Extreme choice in control surfaces

With the HVS-390HS, there is no compromise offering up to 3 different control panels and up to 5 remote AUX control panels that can be used all at the same time!

You can choose what size or type of control you prefer and what fits your environment. From the 19″ rack mount 12 button panels (1M/E or 2M/E), all the way up to the operator designed 2M/E 28 button panel. As well as traditional control panels, there is also the choice of simple remote panel, included Web browser control, and our range of AUX control panels. All control choices are easy to operate, for safe, reliable and repeatable LIVE operation!


  • Comes in 1M/E and 2M/E versions
  • Maintains the operating style of the highly acclaimed HANABI series
  • Includes a USB interface to store/recall data or up/download still images
  • Connects to the main unit using BNC cables via ARCNET (max. 100m)
  • Supports redundant power supply configurations (optional)
  • Can be connected to up to three control panels at once for simultaneous control
  • Individual frame synchronizers are standard for all inputs to support the switching of asynchronous signals
  • Includes Proc Amp control to adjust video and chroma levels
  • Mixing of HD and SD inputs is possible
  • Of the standard 16 inputs, 4 inputs and the optional input board HVS-30HSDI can resize SD signals to HD
  • Supports resizing of computer signals when using optional computer input board HVS-30PCIN
  • 4 keyers per M/E come standard (1M/E: 4, 2M/E: 8)
  • All keyers include bus and luminance key
  • High-level chroma keyer on Key 1 & Key 2 for each ME
  • All keyers have an independent 2.5D DVEs
  • Key-3 and Key-4 can be assigned to Aux outputs for keying sizing or positioning
  • All keyers have an independent 2.5D DVE channel
  • Two 3D DVEs per M/E are available for background and keyer
  • Equipped with two multi-view channels, each capable of displaying a maximum of 16 split windows
  • 4, 10, and 16 window split patterns
  • Different display patterns and channels can be set for each of the multiviewers
  • All sources, including internal sources, inputs and outputs can be monitored on the multi-viewers
  • Each multi-viewer window is equipped with title, tally and audio meter display
  • Equipped with an event memory in the main unit. Up to 100 events can be stored
  • Direct recall function: Recalls events with a single click
  • Event load with duration: Users can freely set the transition time and effect for loading events
  • Because seamless transition to the recorded state is possible, it is suitable for live applications
  • 4 still stores are available in standard configuration and support animated logos
  • Allows capturing of video input and PGM output as still images
  • Still images generated on a PC or other source can be loaded to the main unit over Ethernet
  • Supports loading images via USB connection when connected to control panels
  • Saves data to the main unit using the backup function
  • Supports JPEG, BMP, and TGA file formats FS memory on IN-1 to IN-16 can be used as still image memory