For.A HVS-110 HD/SD Portable Video Switcher- USED



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The HVS-110 HD/SD Portable Video Switcher from For.A is a compact and portable unit that incorporates a range of functions and features including mixed SD/HD input, frame synchronizing, re-sizing engine, 2.5D wipe effects, DVE, keyer with chroma key, and DSK. The switcher also includes a built-in Web server that lets you change settings from a PC or tablet. A clip memory feature has been added to the still store to support elaborate performances such as through the use of CG wipes, while the multi-viewer meets a diverse range of monitoring needs.

The switcher combines the main unit and control panel into a compact and portable unit. With its ample amount of video input and output functionality, the HVS-110 is suitable for a variety of locations, including live events, ports, news studio, OB vans, helicopters, editorial offices, and presentation venues. Despite being portable, a redundant power source is also possible using an AC adapter (sold separately).

12 Inputs; 6 + 1 Outputs

12 HD/SD SDI inputs, 8 HD/SD SDI outputs, and 1 HDMI output come standard. Mixed HD/SD input is also supported in the standard configuration, and the 9 outputs can all be freely assigned.

Frame Synchronizers

Eight inputs in the HVS-110 are fitted with frame synchronizers that enable switching of asynchronous video signals. Installation of optional expansion cards supports asynchronous picture input from PCs, etc. Each input is also equipped with a process amplifier capable of adjusting the video level and chroma level, etc. of the input signal.

Re-Sizing Engine

A re-sizing engine (expansion) is provided on 4 of the standard inputs. This achieves a fully mixed SD/HD environment with a switcher alone, with no need to connect any external equipment such as an up-converter. This is readily suitable for re-sizing not only SD signals but also PC video.

2 Keyers and 2 DSKs

The mixer features 2 keyers, 2 DSKs, and 4 2.5D DVE engines. The keyer has a chroma key function. A chroma keyer can be assigned to any one of the two M/E keyers or two downstream keyers. The 4 DVE engines can be assigned to any keyer or used for functions such as transitions. With their standard 2.5D ability, allows flexible creativity for the operator to enhance productions.