FOR.A FVW-700 Video Writer- USED


We have several of these FOR.A units available, all of them are in excellent condition! The FVW-700 from FOR.A is a new, high-quality video writer telestrator designed for the broadcast video industry. Contact us today for more information on our FOR.A units!


FVW-700 all-in-one model

Designed for SDI output. A 1U standalone unit for broadcast studios and cable TV station.

Annotate or draw on video using a touch-screen computer monitor or wirelessly connected tablet as operators check the point of insertion. Freeing operators from having to work at consoles, the system enables a variety of scenarios.

Using a more advanced edge-rendering algorithm, edges of lines drawn can be recognized as outlines of a larger shape and joined.

Improved automatic freehand formation with noise reduction (algorithm) allows smooth objects to be shaped, and sharp angles to be achieved.

Including freehand, polygon and others. Create free-form mosaics. Implemented with hardware processing for real-time operations, regardless of the area involved.

Draw objects that will only cover images of a specified color in the video. For example, specify green to avoid covering players with the objects operators draw. Delay line function available for HD-SDI output.

Load presets on a multi viewer, change input sources, switch between full-screen and multi-window, and create a multi-source environment (optional).

Control the telestrator wirelessly from multiple tablets running a dedicated app (optional). Allow multiple commentators to draw on the screen wirelessly.