For.A FA-1010 Frame Synchronizer with FA-10RU Controller- USED


This For.A FA-1010 frame sync with FA-10RU controller is in excellent shape for being used. Two of these For.A Frame sync kits are available but they will not last long. Contact us today if you need more information on this Fro.A frame sync or any other piece of equipment on our website.



Frame synchronizer equipped with an array of essential functions used in video production and that allow multi-channel routing (10-input/10-output video). Supports 3G-SDI and HD/SD-SDI input/output as standard and includes all typical FS and CC (standard) features. Highly versatile audio signal processing capability with delay adjustment and remapping functions plus a sampling rate converter. Combining these varied options allows a single unit to provide optimal functionality for all video production scenes, including those used in transmission, outside broadcasting, news reporting, production, editing and distribution.

The FA-1010 is not simply 10 processors enclosed in a single housing, but 10 interconnected internal circuits. It implements all the various processors and clean switch functions required to build a system, and enables multi-channel signal processing on each channel with no cable connections. In addition, as ancillary and audio signal data are handled separately from video signals, concerns about ancillary data such as subtitles and time codes being erased can be allayed.

With 16 channels of 3G/HD (synchronous/asynchronous) and SD-SDI*1 (synchronous) embedded audio on each input supporting up to 160 channels on all 10 inputs, a versatile array of signal processing is possible, including standard SDI embedding and de-embedding, and if an optional expansion card is installed, A/D and D/A conversion. The analog audio input option is equipped with a microphone head amplifier and phantom power, enabling direct condenser microphone input with no need for impedance conversion.

With the capability of 10 processors fit into a 1U size, the FA-1010 provides a smaller equipment footprint. In addition, it is perfect for systems that handle a large number of inputs and outputs, such as network operation centers, and systems where equipment space is limited, such as mobile video production trucks.