Filmair International Giraffe Classic Crane – USED


Filmair International Giraffe Classic Crane

Excellent Condition

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Filmair International Giraffe Classic Crane- excellent condition 

This is a two person ride able camera crane. Extremely versatile and can be configured for various lengths. Maximum lend height is 31 feet without risers and it goes 17 feet negative for dropping into things like swimming pools. Complete with all accessories and 84 feet of track. We are the original owners of this crane and it has only been used n our productions. Ultra-light, modular design, either manned or remote, the Giraffe Classic was designed for space efficiency. Tapered sections nest inside each other, making it easily transportable, in light vans, small airplanes, helicopters and boats. Can be hand-carried up mountains, and hard-to-reach locations. This modular flexibility is also easy on the budget. All options listed in these specifications are included in the full 7-in-1 crane system at a surprisingly affordable cost. Fast and versatile, the Giraffe Classic crane is the backbone of our fleet.

Maximum Lens Height

945 cm
Drop Down 17′ 6″ 533 cm
Maximum Reach 31′ 6″ 944 cm
Maximum Length 38′ 6″ 1173 cm
Minimum Width on Track Mode 1 2′ 4″ 73 cm
Minimum Width on Track Mode 2-5 3′ 9″ 114 cm
Minimum Width on Wheels 4′ 8″ 142 cm
Maximum Doorway Height 7′ 6″ 228 cm
Travelling Weight (w/o Ballast Weight) 648 lbs. 294 kg

Designed by Film Air, this crane is a classic. Well known and years on sets of Feature Films and hard to get to locations. Its unique look and design feature tapered sections nesting in
each other making it transported easily and extremely durable.

Accommodates both Remote Heads and Platform, the Giraffe crane is a strong, modular designed and efficient crane that makes the job simple and reliable.

Q&A: Can the Crane run on tracks? Most of the cranes we have are able to run on tracks but we need first to calculate the weight of the crane after we know what length, remote head or platform and camera are being used because some of the tracks are limited to a certain payload.

Can the crane be built on a car for traveling shots? Yes, we prefer using the Giraffe crane on a car simply because it’s the most rugged crane on the market, it has an outstanding tolerance for bumpy rides and has a long range and height when swinging up/down. The perfect set for a car rig is the Giraffe equipped with our Gyro stabilized Active Head.