EVS XT2+ 6 Channel Server Package – Used

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EVS XT2+  6 Channel (4 in 2 out )  – USED

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The XT3 supports up to 12 HD channels with flexible configuration.  It provides secure multi-channel ingest capabilities for audio/video content from any source, including cameras, super/hyper motion cameras, satellite, craft editors, graphic tools, video recorders or video tape recorders. With its DualPower technology, the XT3 can be configured to support up to 12 channels (in single 3G link) in any In/Out combination, with SuperMotion.

Based on its unique multi-channel loop recording technology, any audio/video recorded material can be instantly used for random access replay – including 4K – or transferred to production or post production along with the other associated angles, offering additional flexibility to your creative teams.

The XT3 hardware and software were designed by highly skilled engineers based on customer feedback and has become the most reliable and field proven live production solution on the market. The XT3 is designed with advanced reliability features such as RAID technology, redundant and hot-swappable power supplies, as well as internal and external hot swap disk array to guarantee that there will be no operational failures during production. Faulty disks are automatically replaced by pre-installed hot spare disks, without disrupting the
server or harming the bandwidth.

The XT3, in SpotBox mode, is designed for playback applications under thirdparty control. The system can be fully controlled by switchers and controllers, automation systems or edit controllers, for channel control and direct access to the record/play channels. The XT3 accepts most popular control protocols, such as VDCP and Odetics, Sony BVW75.  EVS offers its own API for easy integration with third-party applications: AVSP for RS-422 integration and LinX API for TCP/IP integration.

The Spotbox mode is a true VTR replacement that complements live studio production requirements. It can
be controlled directly by a production switcher to playback clips, music, stills and graphics (with Fill & Key support) or loop clips as a moving background.

  • True VTR replacement solution
  • Operators can pick the right channel configuration and control protocol on a job-by-job basis

The XT3 production server is complemented by a set of live and near- live hardware and software production tools, providing broadcasters with a fine-tuned solution for accessing and managing their media.  IPDirector and LSM Remote give you full control of the XT3 server for ingest, slow motion replays, metadata management, production network control, on-the-fly editing, media transfer, and playout. This also offers a set of highly flexible archiving and storage hardware and software tools that can be adapted to your individual production needs.

The XT3 platform can be set up to play or record with up to 12 SD/HD channels configurable in any type of in/out mode and up to 192 audio tracks per system.  It supports 4K live replays by ingesting three 4K channels, configuring them as either: one in/one out, one in/two out or two in/one out.  Switching between NTSC, PAL, 3D, 720p, 1080i and 1080p is quick and easy. The XT3 also fully and natively supports most popular SD and HD codecs, including M-JPEG, IMX, DVCPRO50 MPEG-2 intra for HD, Avid DNxHD®codec, ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 HQ, DVCPRO HD, AVCIntra, XAVC and XDCAMHD.  The XT3 requires no transcoding to deliver
XDCAMHD (meaning no speed issues and no loss of quality).