EVS LSM Remote Control- USED

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LSM is part of the core operating system of the XT class of servers offered by EVS. By integrating the operational base into the server itself, it puts the most reactive live editing solutions available for sports and live event broadcasting in your hands. LSM provides renowned replay mode functions in slow motion, super motion and a range of on-the-fly editing actions.  Operations can be extended through a series of live tools, including LSM Connect, Epsio and MultiReview.  LSM scales with the capabilities of the live production servers, including enhanced modes like Dual-LSM that provides personalization for two operators who can share a single server.

LSM guarantees the highest level of stability while offering a fully transparent technology evolution follow-up. Embedded timeline editing makes the LSM a unique, fast- turnaround editing tool with playlist conversion, speed, effects transitions and four-point editing.

MULTICAMERA INGEST & PLAYBACK Based on EVS’ loop recording technology, the LSM allows you to access the recording train, including all camera angles. This instant review of all camera angles gives you the ability to easily create clips or replay action. The LSM also provides TC accuracy for channel synchronization. In a network configuration, access to clips and highlights is available on the live production network.
SLOWMOTION REPLAY CONTROL Slow motion is the heart of EVS. We pioneered the technology and have been enabling the most reactive content playback on the market since our beginnings.  With the most reliable and reactive control on the market, LSM lets you take control of the details.
HIGHLIGHT EDITING TOOLS LSM not only manages slow motion, but also allows rapid assembly, editing and creativity of that content.  With onboard controls for audio, playlists, timeline-based editing, and extended tools from the Epsio family of graphics creativity, LSM puts creativity in your operator’s hands.