Evertz HD-2020 Video Passport- USED


We just reduced the price on our Evertz HD-2020 Video Passport. We had several of these available and we are now down to just one left. Contact us today if you need anymore information on this video passport!


The HD2020 processing architecture allows its four up/down/cross conversion paths to independently connect to any system input and independently drive any system output. In addition, eight unique video sources can be routed to the Advanced Audio/Video Bridge (AAVB).

Within the AAVB, sources are routed to the HD2020 internal audio processor, two internal eight input video clean switches and the internal octal split display processor. The HD2020 also supports internal bars and tone generation with source ID character burn-in capabilities. Video clean switch outputs can drive any system output.

Within the audio processor per channel audio delay is available for each embedded and discrete audio input channel. Following this, stereo to 5.1 up-mixing (+UMX), 5.1 to stereo down-mixing (+DMX), IntelliGainTM audio loudness management (+IG) can be performed. In addition, a programmable audio equalizer is available (+EQ).

Two 16 channel audio embedders with per channel audio routing, inversion, gain and mono mixing capabilities feed the two AAVB clean switch outputs. Similar per channel audio routing, inversion, gain and mono-mixing capabilities are available for the 8 x AES outputs (16 channels) and the 8 x mono analog audio outputs.