Evertz 256 Router EQX Platform- USED

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Evertz EQX 288×288 (252 SDI, 36 Fiber)
(1) EQX16-FR-XLINK2, 16RU EQX Frame
(1) CP-6400E, Remote display panel
(1) EQX-XPTG-288×288, 288×288 EQX crosspoint with new EQX Green Initiative platform
(2) EQX-FC, Redundant Controller Module for EQX26-FR-XLINK2
(14) EQX-G-IP18-3G, 18 Channel SD/HD/3G Input Card
(14) EQX-G-OP18-3G, 18 Channel SD/HD/3G Output Card
(2) EQX-IP18-3G-F1, 3G 18 Inputs with Fiber. Does Not Share Rear plate with Coax I/O Boards
(2) EQX-OP18-3G-F1, 3G 18 Outputs with fiber, does not share rear plate with coax I/O boards.
(2) EQX-PS, Power Supply Module

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The EQX platform is Evertz® flagship routing & distribution solution designed for high availability by adopting extensive industry leading redundancy for all critical system elements. With its time proven robustness and redundancy, the EQX is ideal for mission critical and demanding 24/7 environments.

The EQX16 platform has the ability to route up to 288×288 signals all in a compact 16RU frame, in addition to the 288 outputs the EQX16-FRQT-XLINK come with 9 X-Link connections, the EQX16-FRQT-XLINK2 has 18 X-Link connections, and a colossal 27 X-Link connections with the EQX16-FRQT-XLINK3 frame. All this makes the EQX26 most suitable for applications like network and local broadcasters, mobile production, mobile flight packs, cable, military, government and corporate applications.