D3 NVIEW UHD LED Displays – Multi Display Package 650+ Modules- USED



Display 1 Config : 6′ H x 20′ W – 120 Modules
Display 2 Config : 8′ H x 9′ W – 72 Modules
Display 3 Config : 9′ H x 26′ W – 192 Modules
Display 4 Config : 10′ H x 17′ W – 170 Modules
MODULE: FD2.06-SMD-TD-496X496
BRIGHTNESS: 800 NITSFloor Display : 7′ H x 16′ W – 94 Modules


This is a rare opportunity to purchase nearly new D3 LED Display Panels at a huge savings.
Purchased and installed for $1.3M in 2020. Commission and Decommissioned by the manufacturer and available for maintenance service agreements. Panels are packaged and palletized in a climate controlled environment.
There are 4 display screens and 1 screen setup with floor panels. Panel count is listed, but all supporting infrastructure is included as well. Complete list available on request.
Defy distraction with D3® NVIEW® UHD LED Displays’ industry-leading visuals and premium-class Ultra High Definition LED technology. Awe-inspiring ultra-flat display surfaces, accelerated refresh rates, and extended color palettes raise the bar for creating smooth, sharp video images. Today’s groundbreaking brands in major markets select NVIEW displays for mesmerizing visuals, innovative technical features, and advanced diagnostics to engage audiences up close and personal.