ClearCom CC-95 Headset- USED


ClearCom CC-95 Headset

  • 5 pin XLR
  • Single Muff


The supremely durable CC-95 single-ear and CC-260 double-ear headsets provide the appearance and features to meet any professional communications requirement. They are designed for intercom applications where audio quality, reliability, durability, and comfort are of prime importance.

The almost indestructible headsets are constructed of durable materials, with ABS plastic ear cups, heavily padded spring-steel headbands, and a flexible yet robust mic boom. These headsets will resist damage even if they are dropped, stepped on, or otherwise abused in the line of duty. The rugged construction protects the internal transducers and electronics from harm.

Smooth, full-range audio response gives an accurate representation of voice and program material, minimizing ear fatigue even when using the headsets for extended periods. The frequency response is tailored to enhance voice intelligibility.

Custom foam-filled ear cushions provide excellent acoustic isolation in moderate-noise-level environments. They are extremely comfortable for long-term use.

The flexible boom arm features a specially designed, noise-cancelling microphone. A built-in presence peak keeps voices “crisp” even in high- noise settings. The microphone also has low susceptibility to wind, breath, and handling noise.

A full 300 degrees of rotation allows the user to position the mic on the left or right side. The mic boom holds its position even during active use.

The custom cable is designed for high resistance to breakage, and is well shielded both internally and externally to prevent interference and crosstalk. The CC-260 has separate earphone wires for stereo or binaural “split ear” use.

The CC-95 and CC-260 professional headsets are ideal for theatrical, industrial, and broadcast applications where extreme ruggedness and durability are required, and wherever high-quality audio response and great comfort are desired.