Clear-Com Tempest 2400 Beltpacks and Wireless Base Station Bundle- USED


This Clear-Com Tempest bundle is in great physical condition with minimal signs of usage. This is the perfect bundle for someone wanting to streamline their audio for thier next production. Reach out to us today for more details on this intercom accessory bundle!

Our Bundle Includes:

  • 3 Tempest 2400 Beltpacks
  • Tempest Battery Charging System
  • Wireless Intercom Base Station


Tempest®2400 Wireless Intercom System offers the most comprehensive set of features ever available in wireless intercom systems to the global production community.

Tempest2400 Wireless Intercom System is a revolutionary, all digital, 4-audio channel, wireless intercom system that operates with up to 5 wireless Beltpacks per BaseStation in full duplex,
simultaneous operation.

With Tempest2400 Wireless production teams can now have more UHF wireless microphones, IFB and in-ear monitors with less interference and no intercom
frequency coordination issues. A total of 10 Tempest2400 BaseStations and 50 Tempest2400 full duplex wireless Beltpacks can be operated in close proximity, while maintaining excellent
system performance – more users than conventional FM wireless systems operating under similar conditions.

The Tempest MasterBelt is a 2-Channel Tempest BeltStation that serves as a Tempest BaseStation. The MasterBelt is compatible with existing 2-Channel Tempest BeltStations. Like a Tempest BaseStation, the MasterBelt is capable of hosting and supporting up to five standard BeltStations in full duplex communication when operating in Normal mode. When operating in Shared or Split mode, the MasterBelt can support an unlimited number of standard BeltStations in a listen/ push-to-talk capacity.

The MasterBelt can be situated in a fixed location (like a BaseStation) or worn in a mobile capacity (like a BeltStation). This type of flexibility and mobility enables users to overcome challenges associated with AC power needs, fixed antenna placement and limited coverage area. With a MasterBelt, groups of Tempest users can effectively move together and maintain wireless communication with one another without the need of a traditional BaseStation or fixed antenna.

A MasterBelt has many of the same functional and cosmetic characteristics of a standard BeltStation. Talk buttons, channel buttons, volume knobs, and many other features remain the same.