Clear-Com RS-601 Beltpack

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The Clear-Com RS-601 beltpack offers a single channel with 3-pin female and male XLR, 4-pin male XLR headset connector, 2.5mm AUX headset connector and an RS-232 data connector. All the performance and durability of the world standard plus TW compatibility. Allows use on a TW line (Audio on Channel B) without loading down channel A.

The world’s most advanced party line beltpack is designed to serve the needs of all users, whether first-time or experienced pros. This model offers a host of leading-edge features with simple-to-use straightforward operation. It provides excellent audio quality and is rugged enough to survive the day-in, day-out abuse of demanding professional applications.  Exclusive audio shaping; powerful, high-headroom headphone amps, noiseless switching and built in mic limiters are key parts of the package.

With all the standard-setting performance and features of the 500 Series incorporated, Clear-Com has added additional features like TW compatibility, headset call tone and a seven-segment LED to assist in selection of on-board setup options (no opening the beltpack or counting of “beeps” required). Put all of this into the most compact and ergonomic package available and the RS-600 Series clearly sets the new standard in the beltpack world.

This beltpack’s functions are easily customized to fit the users needs. This is accomplished with on-board setup, which provides access to the most commonly varied functions (Talk button latch type, Call on Talk, Mic Level, etc.). For the most demanding applications, additional options can be selected from a PC with the available V-Pack software. In either case, once set up, the beltpack holds up to four of these configurations, called Modes, in memory until changed again, even if disconnected from a system. If the original factory default modes are desired, they can quickly be recalled.