Clear-Com Encore RS-602 Two-Channel Beltpack


Clear-Com Encore RS-602 Two-Channel Beltpack

Up to four available


The RS-600 Series beltpacks offer the best sounding party-line in the business. Exclusive audio shaping,  powerful, high-headroom headphone amps, noiseless switching and built-in mic limiters are key parts of the package. The RS-600 Series are designed to serve the needs of all users, whether first time or experienced pros. All models offer a host of leading-edge features with simple-to-use operation. They provide excellent audio quality and are rugged enough to survive the day-to-day usage of demanding professional applications.
Each of the beltpack’s functions are easily customized to fit the users needs. This is accomplished with on-board setup, which provides access to the most commonly varied functions (Talk button latch type, Call on Talk, Mic Level, etc.). For the most demanding applications, additional options can be selected from a PC with the V-Pack software. In either case, once set up, the beltpack holds up to four of these configurations called Modes, in memory until changed again, even if disconnected from a system. If the original factory default modes are desired, they can quickly be recalled.

Clear-Com offers a 600 Series model to suit any application:  single or dual channel; mono or split ear; TW or discrete 2-channel. All two-channel versions offer an additional local program input, minimum headset level, channel reverse and channel exclusive. Two-channel TW versions are offered with male or female headset jacks with 4, 5,and 6 pin varieties available. Two-channel TW versions can also be set for full RTS compatibility, including audio levels, audio response, call signaling and Remote Mic Kill (RMK).

All beltpacks are housed in a custom designed ABS enclosure, engineered to withstand demanding day-after-day use even in high-intensity situations.  Ergonomically placed controls and ample status indicators allow an effortless work-flow.

Dual channel with 6-pin female and male XLR, 4–pin male XLR headset connector, 2.5mm AUX headset connector and an RS232 connector. This version uniquely allows local audio program connected through pins 5 and 6 of the intercom line connector to be looped through to other RS-602/622’s’s in a daisy chain.  A separate volume control sets program level. AC and DC Call signaling on both channels.