Clear-Com Accessories: IFB Controllers, MS-232, and More!


If you’re in the market for some Clear-Com accessories, you’re at the right spot! We have a package of Clear-Com audio accessories that were all pulled form a working environment. These units were all used by 1 person and are well taken care of. Call or email us today with any questions you have about this CLear-Com package!

Package Includes:

  • PIC-4000B IFB Controller- qty 2
  • MS-232 Talkback Master Station
  • Clear-Com AX-4 (missing 2 buttons)
  • Clear-Com MA-4
  • IFB/PL Hybrids TE-2489


The Clear Com PIC4000B IFB Program Interrupt Controller contains audio and switching circuitry for selecting 1 of 2 program signals, routing the signals to 4 independent talent channels and interrupting, with variable program attenuation, the signals from 1 or more control points. This unit contains the circuitry for selecting one of two program sources, sending the program to the IFB channels, and interrupting it via the Talent Control Station. Each IFB Controller handles up to four talent receivers, and has inputs for two program sources.

The Clearcom MS-232 is a compact 2 channel master station, supporting up to 40 RS601 Beltpacks.
The integral speaker can be turned on or off by a front panel switch. The MS-232 also incorporates a dual-channel program interrupt system.

The Clear-Com MA-4 IFB Control Station gives individual interrupt control to four talent receivers, plus “all call” to simultaneously talk with all talent. The MA4 includes an attached gooseneck microphone, and the MA-4N is used in conjunction with the microphone of a Clear-Com intercom station through the “hot mic”.