Chyron Hego Virtual Graphics Machine – USED

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Chyron Hego Virtual Graphics Machine w/ Virtual Placement and Paint – USED

Package Includes:

  • Chyron Hego Virtual Placement
  • Chyron Hego Paint
  • 2 Additional Inputs (Video and key in or 2 off side cameras)
  • Anchor Tracking
  • Virtual Football (Soccer) – With off side cameras


ChyronHego’s Virtual Placement is the most sophisticated tool on the market for the delivery
of striking virtual graphics into any live broadcast.

The system analyses incoming camera movement in real-time allowing the easy and robust addition of virtual tied-to-surface graphics. Virtual product placement and advertising, scores and statistics, sponsor logos and even animating sponsor messages on virtual LED screens are
among the many solutions Virtual Placement is able todeliver ac ross a wide range of different productions.

Virtual Placement combines several complementary tracking algorithms. These algorithms power multiple built-in tracking engines to deliver a comprehensive product capable of working with any type of broadcast content, including live sport OBs or downstream on a cut feed, removing the need to be on-venue.

The basic version of Virtual Placement can be enhanced with an Anchor Tracking module which delivers an additional camera-tracking engine designed specifically for downstream use. The module features ChyronHego’s Cut-Sense technology which allows virtual enhancement to be added downstream just as effectively as it can be on outside broadcasts.

The modular structure of Virtual Placement means optional sport-specific modules can be delivered to meet your bespoke requirements. These modules use line detection to add yet another layer of tracking and toolsets tailored to each sport to transform Virtual Placement into a sophisticated analysis tool delivering features such as the virtualoff side line and distance to goal graphics. Virtual Placement is for all sports, including Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, and Rugby.

Virtual Placement can plug into player-tracking technology such as ChyronHego’s market-leading TRACAB® player-tracking system. Broadcasters can apply TRACAB data in real time using Virtual Placement to deliver highly-advanced analysis features such as live player markers, statistics and tracking graphics.

Virtual Graphic Placement Key Features

  • Easy-to-use solution for the addition of virtual graphics to live broadcasts
  •  Intuitive image-analysis technology enabling fast and easy setup
  •  Multiple real-time camera-tracking engines
  • Multi-purpose functionality enabling use on OBs or downstream
  • High ROI. Output multiple video streams from a single source to tailor advertising
    to different audiences and regions.