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Chyron Graffiti with Keyboard


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In the competitive, image-dominated world of media, broadcasters are always looking for the next best graphics creation and playout solution to meet their shifting needs, said Peter Morrone, senior vice president of product engineering at ChyronHego. From the control room to the mobile unit on-the-go, Graffiti offers production staff state-of-the-art graphics creation and playout at an entirely new price point.

Graffiti will integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and will serve as a key component in ChyronHego’s end-to-end BlueNet solution which combines advanced graphics creation, collaboration, management, and playout systems to ensure the shortest cycle time to air and the highest production value.

Graffiti SDI and Graffiti SDI Flex are user selectable from SD to 1080i video standards. Graffiti SDI will be available in a single- or dual-channel configuration each channel providing video and key outputs. Graffiti SDI Flex will ship in a compact, lightweight chassis that is perfect for the needs of mobile production, and operation requires a customer-supplied Thunderbolt -equipped laptop