Cartoni Studio Tripod Legs- USED


Cartoni Studio Tripod 

  • Tripod Show Some Mileage, Very Solid and More on the Stiff Side Rather Than Loose
  • Heavy Duty Tuffpak Hard Rolling Case Can be purchased separately
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Cartoni Studio Tripod 

With its rugged construction and extraordinary sturdiness the CARTONI Studio and Heavy Duty Tripods are designed to support the larger Fluid Heads in Studio or Outside Broadcast configuration. A special care has been developed in achieving torsional rigidity and positive leg clamp.
The ground steel spikes are covered by adjustable rubber feet and each Tripod can be secured either by an integral off mid-level Spreader or by a variety of a ground Spreaders and skids.

Constructed from either die cast alloy or carbon fiber, the Studio tripod is designed to provide extremely stable support for studio EFP configurations or 35mm film cameras.

Fitted with two rotary clamping mechanisms and features 22mm diameter tubes, the single stage version, performs unsurpassed torsional rigidity and structural integrity, while the locking knobs, which include over tightening protection, ensure maximum clamping efficiency maintained over the tripod lifetime. On the two-stage version, higher rigidity is obtained with a combination of 22/25mm diameter tubes.
Ideal for C40 S, this tripod can be supplied with an interchangeable 150mm-bowl base or Flat Mitchell Base.

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Flat base mount
  • Double extension design
  • Maximum height of 72″
  • Supports up to 330.0 lb
  • Film-style twist locks

Mid-Level Spreader for 2-Stage Studio Tripod

The Cartoni Mid-Level Spreader for 2-Stage Studio Tripod is compatible with Cartoni 2-stage studio tripod legs.

Pivoting Rubber Feet for Studio Tripods (3-Piece Set)

The set of 3 Pivoting Rubber Feet from Cartoni is designed for use with Studio Tripods.

Telescopic Handle and Attachment for Maxima Fluid Head (Rubber)
Key Features
  • Telescopic handle
  • Rubber construction