Cartoni Red Lock Focus 10 Tripod System- NEW



Brand new from Cartoni- Red Lock System Tripods and they are smooth, fast, and versatile. Cartoni has 3 models for these tripod systems including the Focus 8 and Focus 12. Call or email us today for more information  on these Cartoni Red Lock System tripods!

System Includes:

  • Focus 10 Head
  • 2 stage Red Lock Tripod
  • Smarts Lock ML Spreader
  • Pan Bar
  • Feet
  • Soft Case


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The Red Lock System is a professional tripod system for filmmakers and content creators. It features the speed and smooth movement of a premium patented system at an affordable price point. Designed for professional content creators.

Key Values:

  • Smooth Movement
  • Fast Set Up
  • Versatile Set Up Positions
  • Affordable Price Point
  • 5-Year Warranty

The Red Lock System is a new entry-level tripod system designed for professional camera operators on the go. Available in three different systems, the Focus 8, Focus 10 and the Focus 12, the Red Lock System is fast, lightweight and affordable. The Red Lock Tripod comes with two rings and allows camera operators to easily change it from 75mm to 100 mm. Now, for the first time, Cartoni is offering photo and video production operators a premium tripod at entry-level affordability!