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Cartoni Master 65

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Cartoni Master 65

Manufactured and designed in Italy for Broadcast Studio, OB, and Live Event Production. The Cartoni Master Broadcast fluid heads provide precision counterbalance for payloads up to 143 lbs.

Cartoni’s wide range of broadcast support systems allow you to capture the shots you want, reliably and effortlessly in any environment. Combining innovative features, precision engineering, and rugged construction, Cartoni broadcast products are all backed by an unprecedented 5-year warranty. For performance and value, nothing beats Cartoni.

Designed to support camera weights from 20 Kg (44 lbs) to 65 Kg (143 lbs), the new MASTER 65 is ideal for outdoor Broadcast with bulky boxed lenses.

Depending on CoG position, the maximum payload is:

– At 200 mm: 65 kg
– At 175 mm: 70 kg
– At 150 mm: 80 kg

It combines a wide range of counterbalance capabilities, performing prefect balance at any tilt angle with a new CARTONI Fluid drag system based on silicon film. The new drag ensures almost freewheeling at its minimum up to consistent drag for smooth and slow movements with long focal lengths.

This rugged Head comes equipped with the standard Dovetail platform on a large sliding platform. The micrometric movements of the slide are operated by a handy crank placed under the slide.

All settings are ergonomic and placed in the right positions. Pan Bars are compatible with the Vinten attachment. MASTER 65 comes equipped with a digital readout for counterbalance reference and illuminated spirit bubble.

The MASTER 65 flat base interfaces with Mitchel mount tripods, Pedestals and other supports via 4 bolts fixing system, 2 ¾” castle-nut or a M12 threaded central knob.

Minimum Payload Capacity 20 kg
44 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity 80 kg
176 lbs
Weight 16.0 kg
35.3 lbs
Bowl Diameter Flat base
Fluid Drag Continuous
Counterbalance Continuous
Pan Range 360°
Tilt Range +/-65°
Temperature Range -40/+60°C
Payload Capacity (150 mm) 80 Kg
Payload Capacity (200 mm) 65 Kg


Ideally suited for Broadcast Studio, OB,  and Live Event Production, the Master series of fluid heads meet the demanding requirements of professional cameramen. Designed to effortlessly balance heavy payloads while providing the ultra-smooth movement and control in long zoom lens applications. Setting knobs and levers are ergonomically placed with the operator in mind for instinctive operation and on-the-fly adjustment.

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