Canon XJ75x9.3B DigiSuper Premium Field Lens With Controls and ULM Sled – USED


Canon XJ75 x 9.3B IE Digi Super HD Lens. Serviced by Canon and is in 100% working condition.


Canon FFP-T61 Flexible Focus Control NEW
Canon SMJ-D02 Servo Module
Canon Zoom Control
Canon FMJ-452 Flexible Module

Grey Hard Case

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The Canon XJ75X9.3B DIGISUPER Premium Field Lens is a “Compact HD Studio lens” specifically designed to be used with a portable camera.

Shuttle Shot
  • Allows the operator to zoom back and forth instantly between any 2 positions at the maximum speed or at any desired speed memorized in the speed preset function in either direction
  • Can be used to either zoom to the tele-side or widen the focal length from any starting point to check the picture, and then return instantly to the original focal length.
  • Allows you to shuttle between any 2 zoom positions as per your requirement
Frame Preset
  • Movement to a preset position can again be repeated multiple times
  • Preset memory is not automatically cleared and the agreed-on framings from rehearsal can be duplicated over and over in an actual production at the maximum speed or at any desired speed memorized in the speed preset function
Speed Preset
  • A zoom speed agreed on during rehearsal can be reproduced accurately
  • Preset memory is not automatically cleared and can be repeated as many times as needed
Zoom Track
  • Zoom control range can be restricted (both the tele and wide ends are within a limited area)
  • With the ZDJ-D02 system (sold separately) the range can be virtually set at any position used in a production
  • If desired, this function can be used to memorize an additional preset zoom position to be used during a production
Zoom Servo Characteristics Selection
  • Zoom Servo Characteristics can be selected from several groups of provided curvatures by setting the mode from the operation panel of the ZDJ-D02 system (sold separately)
  • Within each group, one of 3 specific curvatures can be easily chosen by a toggle switch located near the zoom handle
CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System)
  • A 32-bit CPU calculates and controls the zoom when you focus on an object to eliminate the zooming effect, so the picture size does not change because of focusing
  • Has zero zooming effect of focus
PC Connection
  • By using the digital communication interface on the lens and the optional software (sold separately), a personal computer system can be connected to the lens and used for lens condition
CPU Upgrade
  • When new additional features are available through the updated software, the lens can be updated to the latest version by simply overwriting the software in the 32-bit CPU