Canon XJ72x9.3B-IE with Controls and Case


Canon XJ72x9.3B-IE with Controls and Case

  • Recently Serviced
  • Excellent Working Condition
  • ZDJ-D01
  • FFP-T61
  • SMJ-D02
  • FMJ-721
  • Flex and servo cable
  • Old Case


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The DIGI SUPER 72 xs is one of a family of six long zoom HDTV field lenses presently offered by Canon. The XJ72x9.3BIE-D was specifically designed to be a more affordable member within the evolving family of long zoom lenses developed by Canon to flexibly address an extraordinary range of production needs for sports, entertainment, and major event production projects. To achieve this cost-effectiveness the optical stabilization system is not included in this lens. This is an important long field lens in the emerging fleets of HDTV mobile television facilities. Canon recognized the broad diversity in imaging needs (and associated budgets) of mobile trucks that cover all forms of sports and entertainment events and has built up a broad ranging family of long zoom lenses to flexibly address this wide range of production projects. In doing so, they harnessed the best in optical, mechanical, and digital technologies to implement a long zoom lens that still remains modest in its size and weight This lens is intended for mobile truck operators, broadcasters, and major venue operators having as their foremost priority the long telephoto flexibility for high definition sports and entertainment event coverage at an affordable cost level. It can equally service the special needs of government (homeland security) and many institutional sectors of the market that might also have long telephoto as a priority.