Canon XJ60x9B Box Lens with Controls and Sled- USED

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The Canon XJ60x9B s a cost-effective lens that can be used for long focal length applications in the field, in large studios, and at special venues. This lens is specifically suited for both HDTV and SDTV live television production applications. It is suitable for use by mobile truck operators and broadcasters whose foremost priority is good telephoto flexibility to achieve high-definition sports and entertainment event coverage while operating within constricted production budgets. The lens can also be used for telephoto shooting in large studios, government organizations (homeland security), and many institutional sectors.

The optimized optical design successfully maintains a high MTF profile over the entire image plane when implementing the long 60:1 focal length change. Parallel optimization minimizes chromatic aberrations over this focal range. The image contrast is enhanced by controlling black reproduction to substantially reduce flare, veiling glare, and internal reflections. Minimization of ghost images and other highlight-related chromatic distortions caused by strong light sources on-axis and off-axis further extend the operational contrast range of the lens. The resulting contrast range helps the lens capture sharper images.