Canon XJ100x9.3 BIE IESD-SB Box Lens with Controls, Sled, and Shipping Case- USED

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The lenses we’ve all been waiting for are finally here! We have 4 XJ100x’s all in excellent working and physical condition! These lenses have all been tested for quality assurance. We have several other Box lenses and ENG lenses in stock now as well! Contact us today for all of your Box and ENG Lens needs!


  • Controls
  • Canon SUP-NS3 Sled
  • Grey Shipping Case
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The Canon  XJ100X9.3B incorporates advanced lens technology for reproducing detailed images. Canon’s Advanced Stabilization System has an improved optical shift-type stabilizer that incorporates a sensor inside the lens for detecting vibrations. Compensating optics are then engaged at a high speed to cancel out any effect on the image.

This lens also features CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System) to counteract breathing, a phenomenon that occurs when focusing or changing the picture size / angle of view. Via a 32-bit CPU, the zoom is calculated and controlled to give an almost zero zooming effect of focus. The lens also features a 4-position turret.

Optical Performance with a 100x Zoom Ratio
The Digisuper 100xs is a powerful field lens that utilizes Canon’s unique optical design concept, the Power Optical System with X-Element. By adopting this concept and advanced technology, The Digisuper 100xs has improved the range of focal length from 9.3-930mm and also has succeeded in compensating the chromatic aberration to a very high accuracy. The superior optical capacity also allows the lens to offer a maximum relative aperture of 1.7 and a minimum object distance of 9.84′ (3m)
X-Element & Power Optical System
Power Optical System uses for eliminating aberrations and achieving high quality images
Internal Focusing System
The lens features realization of wide-angle with reduced distortion. It minimizes variation of chromatic aberration while focusing and of the centre of gravity through focus movement. Anti-Dust, Anti-Fog, thanks to a perfectly airtight Internal Focusing System
Constant Angle Focusing System (CAFS)
32-bit CPU calculates and controls the zoom when focusing to counteract breathing (phenomena where picture size/ angle of view changes when focusing) and has almost zero zoom effect. The lens supports 10-bit iris compatibility and has high resolution zoom and focus servo 13-bit repeatability
Superior Image Stabilizer
Built-in Optical Shift-IS (Shift Image Stabilizer) minimizes image shaking at telephoto focal length.
Crossover Compatibility
Available optionally is the dual aspect ratio switching system, crossover, for switchable 16:9/4:3 cameras
Versatile Zoom/Focus Controllers
Protection against dust, rain, and radio interference