Canon PJ55x9 BIE IESA-BB Includes Controls, Shipping Case, and Sled- USED


This Canon PJ55 has recently been serviced and is in perfect working condition! You won’t find another PJ55 in this condition for this price. Call us today for more details on this lens and any of our other box lenses.  918-250-5353


  • Controls
  • ULM-2 Sled
  • Blue Shipping Case
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The extremely high performance levels of the “55xSuper” with its 9mm wide angle have been prefered over all other lenses in its class. This lens will now be appreciated even more in the 16:9 format. The new and improved “Super 55” can include Canon’s optional “Crossover System” which accommodates for the loss of wide angle in the 4:3 mode in some of the dual aspect ratio switchable camera systems. The redesigned circuitry of the “Super 55” realizes improvements in RF noise protection and its improved mechanical design offers a modern look with easy accessibility for user friendly maintenance. Of course , the “Super 55” includes the best features of the 55xSuper like the superb wide angle of 9mm , the light weight of 18kg and the extremely sharp picture quality even at the telephoto side.