Canon KJ20x8.2B IRSD ENG Lens- USED


This lens has been recently serviced and is in excellent working condition.

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The Canon KJ20x8.2B Lens with 2x Zoom Extender features a B4 mount for use with 2/3″ format camcorders and offers a focal length range of 8.2-164mm. With a built-in 2x extender, you can enhance its focal length to 16.4-328mm.

Crafted with high-quality design tools including optical-simulation and 3D-design technologies, the
Canon HD lens ensures minimal axial and lateral chromatic aberrations, coma aberrations, and geometric distortion. Furthermore, the lens features optical materials and multilayer optical coatings that minimize optical artifacts stimulated by strong light sources. Macro focusing ability effectively reduces the minimum object distance to only 10mm from the front of the lens.

Advanced Drive Unit technology provides a convenient control when using Canon portable HD lenses. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the drive unit touts a comfortable grip and an improved balance, which further enhances your tactile connection with the lens.

This lens also includes Canon’s Shuttle Shot technology that improves production capabilities. Employ the Shuttle Shot technology to rapidly zoom back and forth between any two positions. It can also be used to zoom to the telephoto position for checking focus and almost instantly returning to the original position, or ‘shuttle’ between any two zoom-positions at any time. You can also set specific Shuttle Shot zoom positions through a memo switch that enables reliable Shuttle Shot setup in the field where more consistent functioning of the controls is required. Additionally, you can securely grip the drive unit without inadvertently pressing on the VTR or Shuttle Shot buttons.